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Stoner 5-Piece Trim Kit

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Stoner Car Care’s 5-Piece Trim Kit 

Stoner’s 5-Piece Trim Kit comes complete with an aerosol bottle of Trim Clean and Trim Shine, a trigger spray bottle of Trim Shine, and three microfibers. Everything you need to restore your auto’s interior and exterior trim!

Strong Cleaning Power – Trim Clean Quickly, safely, and effectively removes dirt, grime, and other stubborn debris - without excessive scrubbing.

Restores and Protects – Trim Shine cleans, rejuvenates, brightens, and protects trim from harsh UV rays – preventing permanent cracking, fading, and damage. 

Versatile – Use Trim Kit to clean many of your car’s surfaces, including dashboards, window trims, bumper grills, vinyl consoles, plastic trim, and rubber floor mats. 

Made in the USA – We use superior ingredients to formulate, manufacture, and distribute exceptional car care products in the USA.