Remove Dead Bugs from Your Windshield

Remove Dead Bugs from Your Windshield

Warm-weather driving and driving at night can leave you with a splotchy, bug-covered windshield. But don’t worry! We’ll explain how to remove dead bugs from your windshield with a simple process.

To remove dead bugs from your windshield (or any other glass), soak the bugs with warm water or vinegar. Once they’re soft, apply glass cleaner and wipe your windshield gently with a microfiber cloth until clean.

Cleaning dead bugs off of your vehicle’s windshield may take a little longer than removing the usual dust and grime. This is because bugs have complex chemistry in their bodies, making them harder to clean. While dust and and grime are chemically inert, dead bugs will harden and stick to your glass, especially if they sit in the sun.

To counteract this, start by soaking your windshield with a glass cleaner, warm water, or vinegar. The dead bugs should be much easier to clean after soaking for several minutes. Use a microfiber cloth to wipe down your windshield; microfiber cloths don’t cause lint like rags or paper towels, and are also free from contaminants. Don’t rub hard, instead wipe away the loosened bugs with a gentle back and forth motion. If you don’t get all the bug guts off the first time, give your windshield another soak and repeat the process.

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