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Lift Off Automotive Paint Stripper 1 gallon

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Automotive Paint Stripper 

Mötsenbocker’s Lift Off Paint Stripper is a new, patent-pending formula that safely removes automotive primer, paint, and coating. Lift Off Paint Stripper quickly works its way between the paint and your car’s surface to break the molecular bond, allowing easy removal with no harsh fumes.

Strips to bare metal in 15 minutes or less: Thick, gel solution clings to any surface to rapidly penetrate paint layers. 

Breaks molecular bonds: Automotive Paint Stripper breaks the bond between paint and metal surfaces rather than melting it with hazardous solvents. 

Safer alternative to harsh chemicals: Contains no Methylene Chloride, NMP, ammonia, or carcinogens. 

Patented Enviro Science: Lift Off products are low in VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) – making them safer for the user, the environment, and the surfaces to which they’re applied. 100% Carb Compliant.