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Xenit Foaming Cleaner 13oz

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Stoner Car Care 94223-12PK Xenit Foaming Cleaner 13-Ounce Bottle - Case of 12 is the fast and easy way to remove dirt, grime, and food stains from almost any surface. Clean it with XENIT Foaming Cleaner to remove ground in soils, dirt, food stains, and oily grime. XENIT (zee - nit) cleans most surfaces in seconds, saving valuable time, effort, and money. There are hundreds of uses for XENIT around the home, garage, workshop, or business. For example, XENIT Foaming Cleaner removes messy drink spills and food stains from carpet, upholstery, tables and counter tops. It will remove dirt and mud from flooring, footwear, and clothing. For fingerprints and oily dirt on walls, windows, furniture, and auto trim don't panic. Simply clean it with XENIT. When Cleaning with XENIT Foaming Cleaner a powerful water based cleaner that's tough on dirt, yet virtually harmless to fabrics, carpeting, upholstery, and other water washable surfaces. That's because XENIT Foaming Cleaner contains a proprietary, non-abrasive cleaning formula with Amasol 8. This powerful penetrating foam lifts dirt without added water that can leave surfaces saturated and wet. With XENIT Foaming Cleaner, surfaces dry quickly so you can re-use them faster.

  • Easily cleans up road grime
  • Recommended by professional detailers
  • Easily removes ground in soils, dirt, and food stains