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Stoner Wheel & Tire Cleaner B548 55 Gallon Drum

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Stoner Car Care Wheel & Tire Cleaner – 55 Gal. Drum

Wheel & Tire Cleaner is strong enough to easily cut through road grime and brake dust. Concentrated formula for maximum economy and cleaning power. 

Heavy-duty, fast clean – High-pH, film-fighting formula quickly loosens and removes brake dust, road film, and oily road soil that bonds to wheels and tires.

Restores and revitalizes – Makes wheels, rims, whitewalls, and tires look new.

Phosphate and acid-free – Use as directed to safely clean aluminum, alloy, or chrome wheels. 

Potent, high pH formula – Dilute with a 15:1 to 20:1 ratio with water before using for an unparalleled clean. Rinse thoroughly after use.