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Invisible Glass Glass Stripper 3.38oz Kit

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Invisible Glass Glass Stripper 3.38oz Kit

Glass Stripper prepares your glass for rain-repellent or semi-permanent coatings. Effectively strips your windshield of silicones, waxes, oils, tar, tree sap, road salt, and road grime to prepare glass for protective product application. APPLY RAIN REPELLENT AFTER USE. 

Preps Glass for Bonding – Removes all surface and environmental contaminants, allowing rain-repellent coatings to bond securely to auto glass.

Remove Water Spots – Eliminates newly-formed or baked-on hard water mineral deposits*

Safe On Glass Surfaces – Glass Stripper contains safe, mild abrasives that deep clean your glass without scratching or damaging your surface. 

Professional Results – Restores glass to its original condition, stripping away layers of coatings, road film, and contaminants.

*Glass Stripper won’t remove etched-in water spots