Why do we offer two tire shines? What’s the difference?

Why do we offer two tire shines? What’s the difference?

We make and sell two tire shine products: Original More Shine and More Shine Tire Finish. With such similar names you may be wondering what sets them apart, why the dual offerings, and which one suits you best? We explain everything, so keep reading to get answers and determine which one is right for you.

Why do we offer two tire shines? 

For years, customers enjoyed the professional results of our Original More Shine. However, around 2012, California and several other states* updated volatile organic compound regulations. Existing products, including our Original More Shine, had to be reformulated to meet these restrictions. 

To comply, we developed More Shine Tire Finish - a new product that worked as well as the Original More Shine while meeting the updated regulations. 

*Other states included New Hampshire, Utah, and Delaware. 

What’s the difference between the two Shines?

The primary difference between our tire shines is that More Shine Tire Finish (not Original More Shine) use some VOC exempt solvents. Both products are solvent-based, and produce a deep shine finish. The Original More Shine might dry slightly faster, but both deliver comparable results. 

Which tire shine should you choose? 

It depends on where you live. If you’re in California, New Hampshire, Utah, or Delaware, you’ll be limited to exclusively buying our More Shine Tire Finish. You can choose our Original More Shine if you live in another state. 

Most detailers have a product preference for solvents versus water-based dressings. If you prefer solvents, try the Original More Shine. If you prefer water-based dressings, opt for the More Shine Tire Finish. Both will deliver long-lasting renewal and protection, so it comes down to user preference.

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