Should you use a drying aid?

Should you use a drying aid?

Over the past few years, drying aids have become increasingly popular in car detailers' arsenals. Still, many wonder whether they should add a drying aid to their collection. In this post, we’ll share a little Q and A about what drying aids are, how they work, their ease of use, and whether they truly make a difference.

What is a drying aid?

Drying aids are spray-on products you apply to a wet car after washing. These sprays provide lubricity and protection during drying, preventing potential scratching, marring, and swirl marks on the car’s paint.

How do drying aids work?

Drying aids may contain ceramic, sealant, or wax compounds within their formulas to lubricate and protect your exterior. The lubrication that drying aids provide protects your car’s surface from abrasive contaminants on your vehicle or your microfiber or chamois as you dry.

As you buff these products on, they bond to your finish, providing a temporary buffer between your car and the outside world.

What are some examples of drying aids?

Quick detailers are a prime example of drying aids. In typical drying aid form, these products quickly adhere to a vehicle’s surface and provide additional lubrication. And, as you dry your car, the quick detailer buffs onto your paint to form a temporary protective layer.

Stoner Car Care offers two effective, easy-to-use quick detailers: Speed Bead and the Hybrid Ceramic Detailer. Either product works well as a drying aid, and each has advantages.

Speed Bead uses natural carnauba wax with synthetic polymers that provide superior gloss and protection.

The Hybrid Ceramic Detailer utilizes Si02 technology, improving your paint's slickness while providing months of protection per application.

Are drying aids easy to use?

Application instructions vary according to the product, but most drying aids are easy to apply and use. Before use, always check the back label for proper application instructions.

Generally speaking, you apply a drying aid to a wet car panel after rinsing but before drying the vehicle. Apply a conservative amount of a drying aid – most of the time, a little bit goes a long way. Remember, all solutions you spray on must be dried or buffed off. That means the more you apply, the more work you must do. Typically, two to three sprays per body panel are all you’ll need.

Spray the drying aid onto one panel of your car, then wipe dry with a fresh microfiber towel using long, straight motions. Circular drying motions can cause the solution to pool on the paint, leading to streaking or spot formation. Once you’ve dried the area and it is free from product and streaks, you can repeat the process on the next panel of your vehicle.

What about commercial drying aids?

Commercial car washes use drying aids commonly, and either automatic sprayers or employees may apply these products. Drying aids are hydrophobic and assist electric dryers in removing excess water from the car’s paint.

Do drying aids honestly make a difference?

Actually, drying aids do make a noticeable difference in your car washing results. Drying aids are worthwhile products for those who want to do everything possible to make their exterior pristine.
These products help towels, drying mitts, and chamois glide over a car’s exterior and lessen the likelihood of scratches and water spots.

In a nutshell, what are the benefits of drying aids?

There are several benefits beyond primary lubrication and protection:

Drying Aids are easy to apply.

Drying aids apply and wipe away in a matter of seconds. Not only do they offer protection and shine, they offer these benefits without costing you additional time and effort.

Water beads and sheds within seconds

Drying aids’ hydrophobic properties are almost magical. Water cannot cling to your exterior, even right after a wash. You will immediately see beading and shedding after you apply the product, and the benefits will continue even post-clean.

Drying products leave behind a high-gloss and streak-free finish

Drying aids are excellent for quick touch-ups, and their portability makes them an ideal choice for use on the road or at a show. They also enhance the exterior coat, deepening the shine and offering a glossy finish.

Should YOU use a drying aid

Apart from up-front costs and adding a (quick!) step, drying aids offer considerable benefits. They’ll save you time, effort, and money in the long run by enhancing and protecting your finish.
Whether you choose a quick detailer or another product, we recommend using drying aids on the regular. Enjoy the protection, enjoy the shine, and most of all, enjoy the ride!

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