How to Use Quick Detailing Spray

How to Use Quick Detailing Spray

Quick detailing sprays are a staple for fast cleans or post-wash final touch-ups. These products are quick and easy to use; you should have one on deck if you don’t already. This post will share how and when to use quick detailing sprays for the best results.

To use a quick detailing spray: determine the area you need to clean, spray two-to-three sprays of your detail spray, and wipe in straight motions with a microfiber towel. Repeat the process if needed. 

Determine the areas you need to clean

Quick detailers work on all the areas of the painted areas of your vehicle. You can wash your car and quick-detail the entire surface afterward, or you can spot clean specific areas if you only have a few water spots or streaks. Quick detailers are perfect for cleaning on the go. 

Begin with a clean car and work from the top down if working on your entire exterior. If you aren’t cleaning your whole vehicle, do a 360 around the car to note any spots that need to be touched up. Look at your surface from different angles to find any blemishes.

Spray two-to-three sprays of your detail spray onto each area

For the best results, work in small areas of the vehicle. You can keep track of the places you’ve cleaned by working within sections of the vehicle’s body paneling. Begin by using only two or three sprays of your quick detailer. Keep in mind: what you spray, you have to buff off. More product will require more elbow grease to remove. You can always use more detailer if needed, but it’s best to be conservative initially.

Detailing spray will loosen any contaminants on your exterior, including grease, smudges, and light dirt or dust. It will also provide additional lubrication to protect your surface and prevent you from dragging contaminants across a dry exterior. 

Wipe in straight motions with a microfiber towel

Microfiber towels are the best cloths for buffing or drying anything on your vehicle. These towels’ fibers are thirsty and super absorbent, and their soft nature makes them a safe choice for use on your painted surfaces.  

Using your microfiber towel, wipe using straight motions, moving from side to side or back and forth. Avoid using circular motions that may cause microparticles to scratch your paint. Repeat the process of spraying the product, then wiping off each marred area on each body panel until done. 

Avoid using unnecessary force with a quick detailing spray. You will likely need a car shampoo or iron remover if you run into a stubborn spot that won’t get clean. 

When’s a good time to use a quick detailer? 

Should you use a quick detailer? Don’t hesitate if any of the following situations apply: 

You’re going to a show or event

Unless you have the luxury of a car transporter trailer, you’ll want a bottle of a quick detailer nearby. These products deliver lightning-fast removal of water spots, streaks, or smudges. Blemishes happen, and when they do, it’s good to know you’ll be seconds away from a showroom shine. 

You’re planning to wash your car

Quick detailers do more than just perfect a car’s finish; they add a strong layer of protection. Particularly if your vehicle does not already have a wax or sealant coat, we recommend adding a quick detailer on all exterior components after you wash.

Whether you choose a wax or ceramic detailer, either will temporarily shield your car’s paint from water, UV light, and other contaminants. 

You spend a lot of time on the road

Quick detailers are the size of a standard spray bottle, making them incredibly portable. You can keep a bottle or two in your trunk along with a microfiber towel and quickly detail on the go. 

You collect natural contaminants (bug splatter, bird droppings) during your commute.

Bug splatter and bird droppings are more than just unsightly; both types of gross goo contain abrasive materials that can scratch your car’s finish.

Bugs’ bodies have tough exoskeletons that are hard enough to etch and scratch your vehicle’s paint. And most bird species eat small cinders to help their digestion, and the tiny rocks that make their way through avian digestive tracts all too often end up on a car. Fortunately, quick detailers provide enough lubrication to remove both annoyances safely. 

Stoner’s quick detailers

Stoner Car Care features two quick detailing sprays: Speed Bead and our Hybrid Ceramic Detailer. Here are the similarities and differences to help you choose the best product for your vehicle.

  • Formulated with high-grade carnauba wax and synthetic polymers
  • Carnauba wax is the main ingredient found in traditional waxes.
               - Provides heat resistance
               - Fills in light swirl marks
  • Synthetic polymers enhance gloss and provide superior protection.
              - Polymers effectively remove dust, fingerprints, and smudges.
  • Speed Bead is an excellent choice for those who like a warm finish.
  • Formulated with cross-linking resins that create a glossy finish.
  • The hybrid goes on quickly to deliver long-lasting protection.
  • It uses Si02 technology to protect it for up to six months.
  • Select a hybrid ceramic product if you want superior, durable protection.


Enjoy that easy shine!

Got a minute? Then you can detail!

Quick detailing sprays are useful touch-up tools that clean and shine quickly and provide extra protection for your car’s finish. Whether on the road or in the showroom, these products help perfect your car’s appearance. All you have to do is determine the area you want to clean, spray two-to-three sprays of your detail spray, and wipe in straight motions to buff with a microfiber towel. Repeat the process if needed. 

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