5 Car Wash "Don'ts" (and What You Should Do Instead)

5 Car Wash "Don'ts" (and What You Should Do Instead)

Imagine hitting the road in a car that gleams so well it turns heads—your car at its best, both in looks and condition. Keeping your car clean isn't just about the sparkle; it's smart care that wards off rust and the ravages of the road. Yet, it's easy to slip up in the quest for that perfect shine. Even the most diligent car owners can make simple mistakes that risk the health of their vehicle's exterior. This blog is your guide to avoiding those common blunders. We’ll navigate through the top 5 car wash mistakes and steer you toward the do's that promise to keep your ride looking fresh and fabulous. So grab your wash mitts, and let's get started—your car will thank you!


Your Quick List: Five Car Wash Don’ts

✔ Don’t use dishwashing detergent.

✔ Don’t use a dirty sponge or cloth.

✔ Don’t skip the pre-rinse!

✔ Don’t wash your car in direct sunlight.

✔ Don’t forget to dry your car.


Don't use dishwashing detergent

Reaching for the dishwashing detergent seems like a quick fix for a dirty car. But this common go-to can do more harm than good to your vehicle’s exterior. Sure, it’s a champ at banishing grease from your cookware, but it's just too harsh when it comes to your car’s paint job. These detergents can strip away waxes and sealants, leaving your car vulnerable to the elements and causing the finish to dull prematurely.

Do this instead:

Embrace the suds meant for your ride—opt for a pH-balanced car wash soap crafted with your car’s chemistry in mind. These specialized soaps are gentle warriors that lift dirt and road grime without launching an assault on your car’s protective layers. They work to preserve the integrity of your wax or clear coat, ensuring that your car isn’t just clean, it’s cared for.

Consider Stoner Car Care’s MOAB (Mother of All Bubbles) if you need a safe, effective car soap. This product comes in a variety of scents and packs a rich foam that quickly removes tough road grime and contaminants while protecting wax or sealant coatings. MOAB’s water-tolerant formula rinses easily, making it perfect for routine washes and touch-ups.

Or, to clean and protect in one step, try Hybrid Ceramic Car Wash to detail and shield your vehicle in one step. Hybrid Ceramic Car Wash provides dual layers: a sheeting layer that rinses spot-free and a beading layer that lasts for months.

 A quality car wash soap is the secret potion for a spotless, healthy shine that stands the test of time and travel.

Don't Use a Dirty Sponge or Cloth

It might seem minor, but picking up that old sponge or rag for your car wash can lead to a world of hurt for your paintwork. Those seemingly innocent tools can betray you, hiding grime and grit that can scratch and mar your car's surface, leaving behind a trail of swirls and blemishes that dull your vehicle's shine and can be challenging to erase.

Do this instead:

Elevate your wash game with the plush touch of high-quality microfiber mitts or sponges. These aren't just soft; they're designed to lovingly lift dirt off your car, trapping it within their fibers and away from your precious paint. They're like a gentle hug for your car, caressing away the dirt without a scratch. And remember, even the best tools need a clean start: rinse your mitt or sponge often to wash away the captured dirt and keep your car wash scratch-free.

Don't skip the pre-rinse

Jumping straight into a wash without a pre-rinse might save time, but it's like stepping onto the dance floor without the music—it just won’t end well for your car's paint. Pre-rinsing is pivotal in ushering away the loose dirt, road grime, and other gritty gatecrashers that have settled on your car’s surface. Miss this crucial step; you're giving these particles free rein to scratch up your paintwork as you wash.

Do this instead:

Set the stage for a flawless wash by giving your vehicle a thorough pre-rinse. With a hose or a pressure washer in hand, cascade water over the entire car to chase off the loose contaminants. It's the perfect opening act that ensures your wash mitt glides over a surface that's as particle-free as possible. Think of it as a cleansing breath for your car—clearing the way for an effective and gentle wash, leaving nothing behind but the potential for gleaming perfection.

Don't wash your car in direct sunlight

Hand washing your car under the beaming sun might seem like the perfect way to combine chores and a tan, but it's a shortcut to spotty, streaky aftermath on your car's paint. The sun's rays are like a speed-drying accelerator for water droplets, which would be great if they didn't leave a trail of mineral deposits and a less-than-lustrous finish on your ride.

Do this instead:

Find solace in the shade or time your car wash with the cooler, gentler early morning or late afternoon hours. Without the sun's full glare, water evaporates slower, giving you the upper hand to wash, rinse, and dry without the pressure of a ticking clock. This more temperate approach makes the process more pleasant and ensures that you can attend to your car's finish without the fear of water spots—leaving nothing but a clean, clear shine.

Don't forget to dry your car

Letting your car air-dry might seem like a natural, energy- and effort-saving choice, but it's a decision that can splatter your handiwork with water spots and streaks. Left unchecked, these droplets can also become tiny reservoirs for mold and mildew, especially in your vehicle’s nooks and crannies.

Do this instead:

After the wash, wipe down your car with a microfiber drying towel or chamois to prevent watermarks. Work from your auto’s top down, from the roof to the detailed areas like windows, mirrors, and the oft-forgotten door jambs. Be vigilant with hidden spots—under the side mirrors, around the trim, and anywhere else water might hide. Your thoroughness will prevent unsightly spots and potential mildew and protect and enhance your car's finish.

Steer clear of post-wash woes

Keeping your car clean and protected isn't just about good looks—smart upkeep safeguards your investment. Sidestep the car wash "don'ts" we've shared and embrace the alternative steps to keep your vehicle looking pristine and running smoothly. Armed with the right products and techniques, you're all set for a ride that catches eyes and holds its value. So remember, every time you wash your car, you're not just cleaning it; you're giving it the TLC it deserves to stay dazzling and dependable on the road ahead. Let your car shine as a testament to your care and attention, and enjoy the drive in style!


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