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Stoner Hybrid Ceramic Liquid Wax with Never Wet Technology Kit

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Hybrid Ceramic Liquid Wax Kit

This Hybrid Ceramic Liquid Wax Kit has everything to protect your car from the elements. Includes a 10 fluid oz. bottle of Hybrid Ceramic Liquid Wax with NeverWet* Technology and two microfibers: one for application and another for buffing. Our Hybrid Ceramic Liquid Wax displaces water and repels grime for up to six months. Restores and protects with one easy application.

Product features: 

  • Restores shine: Hybrid Ceramic Liquid Wax glides on to add a shine to your exterior.
  • Protects your finish: Powerful NeverWet Technology displaces water and repels even the toughest grime.
  • Easy to apply: Application goes on smooth. A simple four step process leads to long-lasting results.
  • Fast, effective restoration: Brings life back to your car’s surface, intensifying gloss and providing a smooth finish.

*NeverWet® offers a family of superhydrophobic coatings that repel water and heavy oils. NeverWet® is a registered trademark or trademark of NeverWet LLC.