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Stoner Coating Wash 48oz

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Coating Wash 48 oz. bottle

Stoner Car Care’s Coating Wash utilizes electrostatic science for a dual-layer coating. Synthetic polymers form a durable-base layer that bonds with your car’s finish to keep water beading for months. An added rinsing layer provides instant sheeting action that accelerates drying time, minimizing water spots.

  • Perfect 2-in-1 Car Wash and Wax: Wash contains cleaning agents, synthetic lubricants, and durable polymers to clean and coat your vehicle in one easy step.
  • Gentle Foam Breaks up Dirt and Grime:  Safely lifts away contaminants that can cause scratches and swirls. Perfect for use on all automotive finishes, including clear coats.
  • Instant Sheeting Action: Hydrophobic polymers give instant sheeting action that accelerates drying and minimizes water spots 
  • Long-lasting: Positively charged polymers attract to the negatively charged surface: yielding an ionic bond that’ll last for months.
  • Enhances Color & Shine: Coating Wash uses catatonic (+) polymers that bond to your vehicle finish, deepening color and restoring shine.